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Preliminary Program

30-31 August and 1 September 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 1 (Wednesday-August 30)


8:00-13:00                                      Registration

9:00-12:00                                                                   “Summer school” Mandatory for PhD students.

                                                          Advanced flow cytometry course (The complete meeting is offered as a PhD course in advanced flow cytometry by Copenhagen University)

                                                          (Rui Gardner, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA, Andrew Filby, Newcastle University, UK and Karen Hogg, University of York, UK)

12:00-13:00                                   Lunch

13:00-13:10                                   Welcome by all three Scandinavian societies (plenum)

13:10-13:50                                                                Session 1 (plenum) Measurement of DNA using flow cytometry  

                                                          (Trond Stokke, Olso University Hospital, Norway)

13:50-14:30                                                                Session 2 (plenum) Measurement of RNA using flow cytometry

                                                          (Rui Gardner, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)

14:30-15:00                                   Coffee in exhibition area

15:00-15:45                                                                Session 3 (plenum) NK cells and treatment options for human cancer

                                                          (Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Karolinska Institute, Sweden)

15:45-16:15                                                                Session 4 (plenum) SWOFF analysis – the unrecognized sibling of FMO

                                                          (Michael Kapinsky, Beckman Coulter, Marseille, France)

16:30-17:30                                                                Session 5 (plenum) Keynote speaker

                                                          (Pratip Chattopadhyay, NIH, USA)

17:30-18:30                                   Poster viewing and happy hour

19:00-20:00                                   Canal tour in the Copenhagen canals


Day 2 (Thursday- August 31)


08:00-10:00                                   Registration

09:00-09:45                                                                Session 6 (plenum) Single cell genomics

                                                          (Joshua Brickman, DanStem, Copenhagen, Denmark)

09:45-10:30                                                                Session 7 (plenum) Functional assays

                                                                                      (Johannes Landskron, University of Olso, Norway)

10:30-11:00                                   Coffee in exhibition area

11:00-12:30                                   2 parallel sessions (oral presentations selected from abstracts/posters, 15min)

  1. Clinical flow cytometry

  2. Research and cell sorting flow cytometry

12:30-13:30                                   Lunch

13:30-14:30                                   2 parallel sessions (oral presentations selected from abstracts/posters, 15min)

  1. Research flow cytometry

  2. Core facility management

14:30-15:00                                   Coffee

15:00-15:45                                   Session 8 (plenum). Analysis and sorting of extracellular vesicles

                                                          (Ger Arkesteijn, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

15:45-16:30                                   Session 9 (plenum). Bacteria, protists and plants in flow cytometry

                                                          (Karen Hogg, University of York, UK)

16:30-17:30                                   Poster session and happy hour

18:30-23:00                                   Conference dinner (in the DGI building)


Day 3 (Friday- September 1st)

09:00-09:45                                                                Session 10 (plenum). DNA ploidy and S-phase fraction analysis in endometrial cancer- clinical application and comments

                                                          (Rasmus Green, Lund University, Sweden)

09:45-10:30                                                                Session 11 (plenum). The role of flow cytometry in the personalized medicine approach to diagnostics and therapeutics of immunodeficiencies.

                                                          (Bjarne Kuno Møller, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark)

10:30-11:00                                   Coffee in exhibition area

11:00-11:45                                   Session 12 (plenum). ImageStream applications

                                                          (Andrew Filby, Newcastle University, UK)

11:45-12:30                                   Session 13 (plenum). Mass cytometry, beyond the hype - New and powerful discovery tool for biology and medicine

                                                          (Vinko Tosevski, University of Zürich, Switzerland)

12:30-12:45                                   Closing remarks